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13 thoughts on “First blog post

    1. Thank you for your generous words:) If I may ask, how far have you come along in it? How does it make you feel? I am looking for some feed back. If you are interested, would you honor us with review on Amazon when you are done with it? Maybe ever share the link on your social networks? It would mean a lot! Thank you so much:)

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      1. I am on Chapter 6: I think you have a grasp on how to verbalize the Word. Especially to a prisoner that is, more than likely, scared out of his/her mind. You are giving some points to ponder. Also, I lived in Phoenix for 12 years! I ended up half-dead in the desert, flown to a trauma center, and lived to eventually blog about it all.

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      1. Blessings to you and your wife!! If you edit the comments, you should see my email address. If your wife is comfortable enough with it, feel free to use the email. I am glad I found this booklet and am wondering how to get it circulated to the jails.

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      2. Well, there are a couple ways to to do that depending on which state you live in. First I would contact the jail or prison Chaplin and see how he or she can help circulate. Another option is to find someone who will buy the book in bulk and donate it either directly to the institution or through a proxy like (Books Behind Bars). Or use the books yourself to organize a study group.I think my business e-mail is on my blog let me check.


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