“And whoso shall receive one such little child in my Name receiveth Me.”



There is an organization at the forefront of this ministry, they are called Compassion International. When my wife first told me that she believed that she had heard from God during a radio program telethon sponsoring Compassion, well,  I was skeptical. I know, I know, that is harsh especially coming from a minister, right?  Yes I agree, but in view of the fraud that runs rampant throughout every charity, I thought I was just being prudent. But I could tell that she had genuinely been touched by the Holy Spirit, so I conceded. We sponsored a girl in Africa and began to receive periodic updates from our sponsored child written in her own hand and translated by an interpreter that works at the local Compassion facility. We received pictures as she grew and school updates that would never had existed had we not obeyed God’s voice. Food clothing and education are just a few of the benefits of Compassion’s mission.

It about a year had gone by when my wife came home again beaming with affirmation, “God has spoken to me again,” she said. “Bless the Lord, very well,” I said, And so we sponsored our second child, a very young girl in India. We again received correspondence and pictures. They are so precious. But we also received notification that the India facility was experiencing the threat of fraud and immediately notified us that our funds would be on hold until it was sorted out. This meant that our child would not be receiving the benefits of Compassion’s full spectrum of assistance. But it also meant that the fraud was stopped in it’s tracks.

This is what sets Compassion International apart from the rest as far as charities are concerned. What integrity! I am glad to say that she is again receiving what she needs. But one of the outstanding services that Compassion  affords is a monthly  prayer bulletin with needs to pray for on each day of the month. This allows millions of people the opportunity to bombard Heaven on behalf of these children and their impoverished families. This is where the real battle is being waged.

We recently had an opportunity to attend a fellowship/concert in my home town and one of the keynote speakers was a compassion child who had made it out of poverty because of the love of Jesus Christ being poured out on her through her sponsors. It was a very powerful and moving testimony to say the least. I invite and encourage each and every one of you to join in this ministry, it will bless you beyond measure. God bless.



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