Believing V.S Supporting

Ooooh man… Where do I start? Ultimately we as humans want to succeed, at least, in life’s basic functions, but dreams, aspirations? That is something else altogether. When one is given a dream to follow he or she, doesn’t have a choice, and perhaps in the beginning, they are totally opposed to the dream itself, but it keeps persistently manifesting. These dreams are usually over-the-top, insurmountable even, or just plain outlandish and out of character for the dreamer. When a loved one or close friend snubs your dream it hurts, but it is also a clear indication that you are on the right path. Success must have opposition. The greater the challenge the greater the victory. There will always be nay-sayers, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” they say. What they don’t understand is that providence is at work and you are only being obedient to the call. We don’t have a choice and we will do whatever it takes to see it through on our end, then God takes our obedient efforts and magnifies them to complete his will. Don’t just chase your dreams, catch them!

Jay Colby

About a week ago I was doing some research for my up-coming podcast show. When an associate of mine asked me “Why is it when we are pursuing our dreams some people especially family always bring up having a backup or a more stable plan”. This was an interesting question that I pondered for a few days. Some may argue that the reason why someone might mention having a backup plan is, because they want to see the best in us and don’t want us to make mistakes or take too many risks. On the other hand some may see it as that person doesn’t truly believe in whatever we are trying to achieve even though they may support. This brings up the question is there a difference between supporting someone versus believing?

What is Believe?

We all know when it comes to pursuing a goal, dream, or taking a…

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