The Girl With The Red Envelope – Reclaimed

Nobody wants to admit the have made a mistake especially when so much time and effort is invested. No one wants to believe that their heart choices are wrong. Conversely no one should have to be both wife and mother to their husband and visa versa for men. We will make a multitude of exceptions, excuses and justification for the loser lover because, quite frankly it’s easier than admitting we were wrong to begin with. (As insane as that sounds, it’s true) Non-the-less, the virtue of love has been hijacked by the corrupt counterfeit called lust, (selfish ambition) and until true love is revealed in our hearts we are doomed to repeat our failures. In order to know true love we must go to it’s source, God, not some nebulous cloud we can never know, not some nirvana where nothingness is absolute, there is no hope in that, it is an empty lie. But rather a relationship with the One True God, where personalities are known and shared through a real life exchange. I have lived on both ends of this roller coaster of failures, insecurities, addictions and betrayals. I will be praying for you.

Wooden Lake

She tried speaking her side. He tried speaking his side. In the clash of I’s they truly lost the We they were. She was tired of defending her emotions and she was sure he was tired of defending his lies and arrogance.

The next day happened to be the last nail on the coffin. She sank in the horror of tomorrow and all she could say was ‘do change the bed-sheets regularly’.

They had made a deal. “We will never go to bed angry, no matter what our conflict we will wake up the next day having resolved it”, she proposed. He agreed.

They both abide’d by it, tried to. In the winds of turbulence, in due course of time, she somehow forgot what she proposed. She gave in to the circumstances and let it take the better of her. You might argue why…

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