The Right Side of History


The world marches to the beat of an unseen hand, relentlessly forward into oblivion. Wars and rumors of wars is the order of the day. Chaos ensues on a global scale and economic collapse threatens to swallow us whole. A once great nation, like so many before us, has  given way to the corrupt madness of the hand and his minions. Political correctness, socialism, communism, humanism, and many more liberalisms, silently eat away at the underpinnings of America; she sways in the winds of  moral decay. Unable to bear the weight of the world that steals her wealth, she now totters on the precipice of national disaster; and the dogs of war that once fed on her table scraps, are now seated at the table.

Democracy has become a byword among the nations perpetuated by the totally immoral and corrupt actions of our leaders, who for a morsel of bread, have sold our birthright to the world banking scum. These are the true dredges of humanity, bottom feeders sucking the life out of the planet and its inhabitants, in order to kill us all off and usher in their New Golden Age.

Science, religiosity and tolerance are merging into  a hydra of deception. Scientists, once staunch atheists, now dance to Shiva’s Cosmic Dance of Destruction. Darwinian s  have now found a comforting loophole in “AI”, lending a sympathetic ear, to an otherwise limping and dying dog. The Church has opened Pandora’s box by embracing ecumenicism and emphasizing the unbelievable scope of it’s reach as evidenced in their supreme interest with Mt. Graham in Arizona. Oh, what a tangled web we weave!

But alas, this is nothing new. The concept of a one world order, religion and government goes all the way back to the first god-king, Nimrod, who is also known as Gilgamesh, Appolyon, Abaddon and Osiris. This is the spirit at work in the sons of disobedience, the spirit of the Anti-Christ. This Osiris, is the god that the so-called elite worship. Whose phallic symbol stands erect across from the capitol dome which is the womb of Isis and not only in DC but also in St. Peters square  at the Vatican. (What in the world is going on?)

This is whom the world powers worship, whom they want to resurrect through ritual magic at the highest levels of government. And there is someone who is standing in the way . . .

Enter, Donald J. Trump. He is an outsider. He is NOT one of them and they hate him, and they hate us. Perhaps, once in  lifetime people are afforded the opportunity to stand on the right side of history. We as Americans have stood on that side through two world wars and have been a beacon of hope to the world. But the moral values that once defined this nation have been relentlessly attacked for two hundred years and are now about ready to crumble. Now is the time to act! Now is the time to stand on the right side of history and elect a true leader. No matter what you may think of Mr. Trump personally, you must recognize that his cares and fears for this nation are genuine.

When the nation of Israel was coming near the end of their exile into Babylon, the Almighty raised a king to power that would help re-establish the nation and rebuild its ruins. He name was Cyrus, king of Persia. This king, though a pagan was used as an instrument of Divine restoration. Though I do not view Mr. trump as a pagan by any means, how much more can God Almighty use this man to restore and rebuild America to the greatness she once was??? It’s time to rise up and stand on the right side of History!

God bless, in Jesus Mighty name Yeshua HaMashiach. Amen.


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