What is The Biggest Problem facing Black People in America?

The question what is the biggest problem that black people face in today’s society has been a hot topic that has been highly publicized on the mainstream media.With all this discussions of the blac…

Source: What is The Biggest Problem facing Black People in America?

4 thoughts on “What is The Biggest Problem facing Black People in America?

  1. Do you agree with those two root problems? I feel that much of the problems in today’s society overall are coming back to the broken family structure. As an educator I saw this play out in many ways time and time again. It is also something I have seen repeat itself in discussions with inmates. I feel like the break down of family has really done so much damage. And of course, the distancing from God.

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    1. well of course this is true but not specific to African Americans. WWII and it’s call to all Americans into the war effort left an indelible imprint on the American family by removing the mother from her family. This void was never filled and so the family unit was effectively dismantled by and large. The young man was asking what the biggest problem Blacks were facing today. He touched on some relevant subjects within the article. But I would dare venture to say, that black people tend to enjoy a closer knit family unit than whites do. All races suffer from the absence of one or both parents leaving the child or children to not only fend for themselves but try and find a lost identity. We can have the greatest mommy with the biggest hugs ever but if we can’t meet the basic needs of humanity then hatred, disillusionment, crime and everything else will manifest. And this broken condition of the masses is what the so-called Globalist are working so hard to do. Jesus is the only answer to this dying world, but until His return, give us education and jobs and the rest will fall in line.

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  2. I agree with you that the family unit is in shambles and that the moral fabric of this once great nation is in severe decay as a result, but not limited to, that particular dynamic. The rejection of the One True and Living God is at the core of moral decay and social decline. Thanks for engaging in meaningful dialogue:)


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