Out of joint…

I have had a pain in my hip and lower back for some time recently and it has been making it difficult to fall asleep.  Last night, it was getting bad.  It did not matter what I did, I could not get…

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17 thoughts on “Out of joint…

    1. Greetings friend! You will see that here on my blog are many friends who have a lot to share. I have decided to let this site be a place where other bloggers can get more exposure. You will see that “Out of Joint” was written by (ShatteredinHim). She is just one of the many awesome bloggers you can find here and now YOU have become one of our friends too! Thank you for following us here. Consider yourself most welcome and AWESOME!:)

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    1. aku pun masih baru lagi..baru mula sama cam ko..tapi teruskan menulis..aku pun baru nak review untuk perbandingan guna Google An.zftics.aSyayrilal´s last [type] ..


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